4th Annual Path to Greatness Charity Golf Tournament

The funds raised will help our Holistic Youth Summit 

(supporting youth readiness for academics and life through fun social/emotional/physical skill building activities)

Thank you to every golfer and sponsor!

A special thank you to the sponsors that fund the great work we do!

Congratulations to our tournament winners!

Winning teams will soon be featured on our website.


Thank you to this year’s Golf Committee, Staff and Volunteers:

Stratton Nash, Golf Committee Chair

Chris Lawson, Trustee, Golf Cmte

Vince Canales, Trustee Chair, Golf Cmte

Calvin Hawkins, Trustee Vice Chair, Golf Cmte

Tony Jones, Advisory Board/Golf Cmte

Walter Swindell, Treasurer/volunteer

Pat Gaskins, volunteer

Brittany Edwards, volunteer

Daminique Branch, Trustee/volunteer

Maggie Holmes, Trustee/volunteer

Melanie Hartwig-Davis, Trustee/volunteer

Linda Turner, Trustee/volunteer

Tre Nash, Youth Cmte/volunteer

Ellwood Davis, volunteer

Aja Baker, Assistant Director

Joan Harris, Administrator

Margaret Haywood, IT Support

Mishonne Bonds, Program Mgr

Jet Lawson, Intern

Sky Lawson, Staff