Thank You to the Bahamian Embassy for the Donation of $1K!

We got a surprise visit to our Path to Greatness office in late March from Paulette Zonicle, The Consul General of the Bahamian Embassy. She presented us with $1K…and this inspiring message: 

“I’m so proud of the work that you do with Path to Greatness. My daughter, Aaliah, was so inspired by the work she did as a volunteer with Path to Greatness.  She would talk about her experiences and how she had the opportunity to serve homeless veterans and told me that she, as a result, had found what she wanted to do and she made the decision to devote her career to social work. The impact that her volunteer experience had on her life is a testament to the work that you do.  I am so pleased to give this small token of support and appreciation for Path to Greatness from the Embassy of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.”