Maggie Holmes is president of The Write Group, LLC. The Write Group is a national nonprofit consulting and grantsmanship service firm, headquartered in Prince George’s County. She brings a wealth of experience, over 20 years in management, program development, and training, 15 years within the non-profit sector. Over the last ten years, Ms. Holmes has generated more than 30 million dollars in grant funding.

As a nonprofit professional, Ms. Holmes has monitored thousands of dollars in pass-through funds from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Faith and Community Based Initiative. She has developed tracking and monitoring systems for pass-through funds, provided technical assistance and guidance to 25 sub-awards with respect to federal government funding; and reviewed and evaluated innumerable funding applications and proposals. Her experience includes implementation and management of contracts, grants, memoranda of agreement/understanding, and cooperative agreements. She has also served as a national trainer on grant writing for local Faith and Community-based organizations, identifying federal funding sources and fostering understanding of the federal grant process.

Ms. Holmes is the past President of the Human Service Coalition of Prince George’s County, which is an advocacy and capacity building organization for the nonprofit sector.

Contact Information: (301) 221-3937,,