“There are so many amazing people clustered here, waiting to unite for something special.”

With a newly acquired graduate degree (AU, SOC/MA ’92), Michelle Haywood quickly secured employment in her chosen field of entertainment public relations as Baltimore Arena’s Public Relations Coordinator with the Centre Group. But it wasn’t long before she recognized that her talents would best be invested at home in meeting the needs of her own growing young family. There later would be time for her career.

She dedicated the first decade of her children’s lives to creating a holistic education through home-schooling, community service, and other avenues. Meanwhile, she also worked as Marketing Manager in helping to build the first family business, Insuraty, Inc., an employee benefits firm.

Service to others continued as a life-time theme, when in 2010 shortly after launching her own small on-line retail business, Honeysuckle by Michelle, she agreed to serve as Chair of the Inauguration of the Prince George’s County Executive.

In 2011, building on the organization she formed to run the Inauguration, Michelle began donating her time, resources and the inventory of her accessories business to conduct charitable work through Path to Greatness as its Founding Director.

Today, under her leadership, Path to Greatness is creating widespread interest in inspiring ordinary people to participate in volunteerism and philanthropy while giving back to our communities; supporting neighbors in need; promoting the greatness that comes from our giving neighbors; and building connections between residents, businesses, charities, churches and governments to make a difference.