Our volunteers handed out Care Packages at the Community Research and Referral Center on Franklin Street in DC where a gracious, homeless veteran said that her package of mixed nuts was her first meal of the day and quite a blessing.


Our next stop was a soup kitchen on Queens Chapel Road in Hyattsville, MD where one woman expressed pure joy for her sparkly, turquoise flip-flops. She had needed a pair.

After that, we distributed more packages at a men’s shelter off Addison Road in Capital Heights, MD, where more than one recipient opened food from their packages and ate it on the spot.

The final destination on that first day of distribution was Shepherd’s Cove Shelter. The packages, customized with love for the women residing there, were received during dinner and drew a resounding applause that brought a blush to our volunteers.


Thanks again to the volunteers from the Prince George’s County Police Department, The Washington, DC VA Medical Center and From the Heart Ministries Church in Camp Springs, MD for assisting with this wonderful distribution of packages to our neighbors in need.

We continued to impact our homeless neighbors with repeat visits to the Community Research and Referral Center on Franklin Street in Wash, DC and invited more people to provide the packages and experience the joys of giving. I kept one bag in my car to hand to the next Neighbor in need that I met on the street. The reaction of joy and amazement that I received from a disabled veteran on Capitol Hill after giving a Care Package and a $5 bill is something I’ll never forget. I’m not sure who was impacted more.


If you would like to share this experience, contact us for a Care Package for Neighbors, please click here.