Our Just Can It! Campaign is scheduled for roll out to over 5,000 kids in the DC Metro Region within the next month…and another 10,000 kids this fall! 

We’re bridging partnerships with the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington (Thingamagig/Seaton Elementary), Prince George’s County Public Schools, Alice Ferguson Foundation, Prince George’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) and others to inspire kids to give back to their communities, simply by not littering.


Just Can It! Anti-Litter PSA for Kids

This 3 minute PSA video will be viewed by thousands of local kids who will then be prompted to take the pledge to be a hero to our planet and just can it. After the pledge, kids reinforce their new commitment with their signature on a trash can. Most will receive some inspiration from Captain Can-It himself and a temporary “Just Can It!” tatoo.


We’re Launching a GoFundMe Campaign. Please help!

Kids keep it real.  More than one has offered that Captain Can-It could use an “upgrade” of his costume. 

Thanks little buddies, we hear you and we’re working on it 😉

Help us raise funds for a new costume for Captain Can It!