Chris was very talented and had a big, wonderful heart. He was a member of our first Youth Committee Board, volunteered by serving food to neighbors in need, landscaping a local homeless shelter, raising funds for baby food for infants residing in shelters, walking to help the homeless and producing a rap song to inspire other young people to lend a hand and give what they can. He titled the original rap song, “Showin Love.”

No one could have imagined that his efforts to give back to the community would live on as a legacy for him. His music will live on and inspire people, young and old, to give.

We’re developing our Showin Love Program, inspired by the phrase he coined, that provides for struggling families, particularly those who have been previously homeless.

But the story doesn’t stop there. His final act of philanthropy was to donate his big, loving heart. Take a look at the clip below.

DC Judge Meets Family of His Heart Donor

DC Judge Meets Family of His Heart Donor

The life of a D.C. Superior Court judge was saved when he got
a heart transplant. Judge Lee Satterfield recently…

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