Volunteers made toys for the animals, socialized them with lots of warm hugs and encouragement, embellished them with scarves, toys and blankets…and we also sponsored 3 of our furry shelter friends!
Thank you to our team of volunteers, and to the Cigna employees and 
Goodwill (Crofton) staff for generous donations of the cutest blankets, hats, chew toys and pet accessories! 


A message from the Humane Rescue Alliance to our volunteers and donors:
We really appreciate your time making toys for the animals and socializing them and are especially gratefully for the donated items and three animal sponsorships! 


(“cat”ching some zzz’s)One of our volunteers adopted a kitten

who is transitioning quite well to his new, loving home.

See other adoptable animals here: http://www.humanerescuealliance.org/adopt