“Caught in the Act of Greatness”

Dancing in Silence Dancing in Silence
Philanthropist Janet Thomas donated chicken, bottled water and the materials to feed 500 neighbors in a gang ravaged area of Langley Park. Her Tai Chi students came out in full force and rolled up their sleeves to prep and serve the meals.



Prince George’s County Police Prince George’s County Police
The Prince George’s County Police Dept. hosted the Meals for Neighbors effort at their community policing facility, The Cop Center in Langley Park. A big thank you to the officers who helped spread the word to those in need of meals and provided security for the event!

Sgt. Erika Ervin, Cpl. Lucy Muse, Cpl. Kwesi Dadzie, Cpl. Juan Damian, Cpl. Richard Kashe, Cpl. Conrad D’Haiti, Cpl. Edward Martin Jr, Cpl. Katina Gomez, Cpl. Kurt Schnitzenbaumer, Cpl. Gregory Taylor and Pfc. Antonio Vargas



HHM donated veggies for the Meals for Neighbors effort. Thanks to Allen Davis and the HHM team for preparing and delivering delicious green beans and corn to the Cop Center for the distribution.



Hearts and Homes
Thank you so much to the twenty or so strong young men from Hearts and Homes, and the staff members including Miss Cat, who came out to help show love by spreading the word to the community, serving meals to neighbors and assisting with the clean up!