We’ve focused on the beauty of bringing people together to give out lifesaving coats, but let’s take a closer look at the effort.

The coats are called Empowerment Coats. They’re constructed of automotive insulation and convert to sleeping bags in order to prevent hypothermia for individuals who have to brave the elements to live and sleep. Path to Greatness supporters made the purchase of 50 Empowerment Coats at $100 per coat, possible. As I researched, prepared to negotiate on the price of the coats, I learned that homeless individuals are being employed to make the coats. I placed the order immediately! With the growing popularity of our Greatness gear, we enhanced the presentation of coats to our neighbors by having them embroidered with Path to Greatness, sharing our message to the recipients and the world. Needless to say, neighbors receiving the coats are pleased.

Through events like this, Path to Greatness (our supporters are Path to Greatness so this means you ;-):

  • provides lifesaving warmth for the bodies of homeless neighbors
  • provides an emotional lift with the unexpected show of love from the community
  • offers rich experiences of giving to volunteers
  • maximizes the impact of our donors’ funds
  • helps to provide jobs to end homelessness

Coats are made of recycled automotive insulation, by homeless women in Detriot, MI.

Neighbors sleeping on the streets received Empowerment Coats and Care Packages of food in the sub-freezing temperatures of Valentine’s Day weekend 2016.

Look for our coat drive to raise funds for more Empowerment Coats next year! Click here to join our mailing list.

Coat, Hot Chili & Care Package Distribution | February 2016

2016-Valentines-For-Neighbors-flyer769x1069pxOur plan to distribute 50 lifesaving Empowerment Coats, designed to ward off hypothermia, to individuals living within the woods of Prince George’s County on Wednesday, January 27th, was thwarted by The Blizzard of 2016. So…we decided to change the distribution date to sync up with Valentine’s Day for a Valentine’s for Neighbors event that will engage some of our Showin Love families in helping others.

In addition to life-saving empowerment coats, we will provide 50 bowls of hot chili and 50 packages of canned food items, flashlights, water and snacks to our area’s chronically homeless.

If you would like to volunteer for the Valentine’s for Neighbors Coat, Hot Chili & Care Package Distribution, please contact: Mishonne Bonds at mbonds@pathtogreatness.org.