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Caught in the Act of Greatness

Volunteerism & Philanthropy JOIN US!

The P2G Youth Committee is encouraging everyone to get “Caught in the Act.” We welcome you to get caught in the act of volunteering and giving. We want everyone to experience the feeling. We want more people to benefit from the acts.

“Caught in the Act of Greatness”

Dancing in Silence

Philanthropist Janet Thomas donated chicken, bottled water and the materials to feed 500 neighbors in a gang ravaged area of Langley Park. Read more

“Caught in the Act of Greatness”

Prince George’s County Police Prince George’s County Police

The Prince George’s County Police Dept. hosted the Meals for Neighbors effort at their community policing facility. Read more

“Caught in the Act of Greatness”


HHM donated veggies for the Meals for Neighbors effort. Read more

“Caught in the Act of Greatness”

Hearts and Home

Thank you so much to the twenty or so strong young men from Hearts and Homes who came out to help show love by spreading the word to the community…
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